• Fabio Spiteri National Cross Tri Champion
    "This is one hard race. Your heart rate is all over the place. Forget the steady pace and effort of an Ironman, this is way tougher!"
  • David Simpson – Gozo Ultra Winner
    A fast and beautiful coastal race that is tougher than it looks on'll be surprised how much climbing you have done by the end. Like the Mythical Calipso on whose island the race is set...the beautiful views and friendly nature of this race hide an unexpected sting in the tail. A wonderful mixture of terrain that takes you from rolling single track high above the azure sea to scrambling over rocks at shore level, from fast coastal paths to steep fsteps and technical trails...this ultra has it all.

Hellfire is a philosophy, not a race. We believe that our lives are constrained by our perceived limits and we therefore challenge them through sports activities and events that enable you to discover what you are really made of. Our tag-line “Challenge Yourself” is there to remind us that we can only grow through discovery.

The Hellfire Team is a small group of enthusiasts that work together to create Malta’s leading cross challenge series as well as a number of team building and public events. We are a team that focusses on participant experience, excellent organisation and a love for the outdoors. We are passionate environmentalists and care about the venues that provide the amazing setting for all of our events.

In a recent agreement with the Malta Tourism Association and Team Unlimited USA, Malta hosted the first ever Xterra Malta race this coming 29th March 2015 converting the ever-popular Hellfire National Cross Triathlon into an international challenge and part of the Xterra European Race Series, with slots for the World Championships in Hawaii up for grabs as well as a substantial prize purse.

Whilst we are pleased with this amazing opportunity to showcase the beauty of Malta in a challenging race like Xterra, we have others that are truly spectacular venues, including the Eco Gozo Trail run that follows the edge of the Island of Gozo, around the 55km perimeter, crossing cliff-edges, quiet valleys and sleepy villages in May every year. A shorter distance is open to those who are less daring.

We can organise such challenges only with the support of the great people at the Natura 2000 sites around Malta and Gozo, the various local authorities that support us, our volunteers and our sponsors. To us they have become extended family.

We truly hope to be able to welcome you to our shores. Please visit the rest of the site as well as find us on Google, where plenty of international participants have given their feedback of our events in the past.