The Hellfire Team has been organising races for the past 10 years, 5 of which our ever-popular Hellfire Cross Triathlon in the heat of August in Malta. Our philosophy is to make extreme challenges accessible to anyone who dares to push their limits, without fearing competition or peer pressure. We ensure everyone can participate in a safe, relaxed and friendly environment and embark on a test of ‘self’, to find out what they are truly made of.

To us, racing is all about the experience. The wonder of human physical and mental accomplishment, the beauty of our surroundings and the appreciation of friends and family support.

We welcome you to our events and challenges and hope that, like us, you will be better for it. Exploring your limits gives a tremendous psychological boost to your sense of identity. Challenge Yourself!

  • Eurosport

    EUROSPORT MALTA is one of the country’s leading sports retailers and distributor for Adidas, Bata, Kappa and many other leading brands in sports, fashion, health and wellness. Eurosport is the official apparel partner of Xterra Malta and will provide all the finishers with a top quality Adidas Tee Shirt, as bragging rights for challenging the tough…