Malta is a jewel in the Mediterranean sea, the hub of civilisation and trade throughout history. We are a multicultural mix of races and cultures that have morphed the best traits of our diverse ancestors into a friendly, competent, agile and passionate people. It is with this friendliness that the Hellfire Team welcome all our foreign visitors to our races, which are organised with the passion typical of our demeanour. You have only to listen to a conversation between two Maltese people to see perfectly what we mean!

Whilst Malta and Gozo are tiny islands, they have an astounding range of beautiful nature; from the crystal blue sea that adorned all our tourist brochures, to the less known rugged beauty¬†of the Majjistral Park or the Ta Cenc cliffs. We specifically choose these locations for our races for that reason. They are off the beaten track, unspoilt, and inspiring to behold. Indeed, they completely take away the pain and discomfort we inflict on our race participants ūüôā

To complement the¬†natural beauty, our services are second to none. Our hotels provide a reliable, flexible and customer-oriented experience that is organised and welcoming. So much so that us Maltese use the hotels for our own celebrations and activities. We’d expect nothing less than anyone we’d welcome to our islands.

We have all travelled extensively and seen the world, yet we have never believed the adage “the grass is greener on the other side” implying somewhere else is always better. We always keen to come back to Malta to put our feet up and enjoy the tranquility and peace our islands¬†provides in spades. We suspect that you will too!

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